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An Unexpected Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are usually a time for celebration with friends and family, but what happens when you’re 3,160 km away from home on an 11-month volunteer project? I knew I would […]

Working in the Foundation Office

Every year there are two volunteers working in the office of the Foundation. I want to tell you what a normal work-day looks like for me and what activities the […]

Museums in Warsaw (Part 2)

Some more museums for every taste, some even for free on special days 6. Royal Castle in Warsaw: One of the highlights in the Old Town is the Royal Castle […]

Museums in Warsaw (Part 1)

There are many museums for every taste, many even for free on special days in the week. 1. Polin – Museum of the History of Polish Jews: We visited the […]

The start of an adventure

The first week in Warsaw and my first time in Poland was an exciting start of my volunteering year: When I arrived at Warsaw Central Station, quite exhausted after a […]

A love letter to the Gocław flat

Khatia left Gocław flat just a few days ago, Dennis left it a few weeks ago and I left it a few months ago. 2 months ago to be precise […]

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