Museums in Warsaw (Part 2)

Some more museums for every taste, some even for free on special days

6. Royal Castle in Warsaw:

One of the highlights in the Old Town is the Royal Castle and the museum inside. You will find portraits of former kings and royalty, weapons, armor and remnants from the original Castle. There are historical paintings of Warsaw, royal chamber and a king´s room. You can even have a look in the former prison cells with walls engraved by the prisoners. Worth a visit to learn more about Polish Royalty, the old town before the second World War and see beautifully decorated royal rooms.

Visit for free on: Wednesday (you may have to wait in line, but it is worth waiting)

7. Warsaw Rising Museum:

After a visit you can impress your friends with knowledge about the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Even tough in the museum it can be a challenge to find the correct way in the exhibition, you will read the whole timeline of this historic event, from before until afterwards. Political events but also life for the people there is described, and you can even take informative papers with you, so that you can read it afterwards. There are replicas from fighting jets and the sewer system as well as many little “cinemas”, where you can rest your legs sitting down and watch videos about the Uprising, that make the experience even more impressive.

Visit for free on: Monday

8. National Museum:

Right in the Centrum of Warsaw is one of the biggest museums. Inside you will find many different fields of Polish art. From sacral objects with lots of golden ornaments over furniture, sculptures and fabrics to beautiful painting. Especially if you are interested in landscape and historic paintings, the museum is for you. Additionally, a painting of a battle scene, that is taking up a whole wall, is an impressive thing to see. There are separate temporally exhibitions and a lovely museum shop with posters, postcards and books.

Visit for free on: Tuesday

9. Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art:

Just to see the Ujazdowski Castle from the outside is almost enough to pay a visit. The Castle is near the famous Łazienki Park and has a nice view from the terrace. Inside there are temporally changing exhibitions. For our visit there was an exhibition about Ukranine`s situation during war, with emotional photography and videos. Another exhibition was a widespread project with different rooms dedicated to country and the EU. Sometimes I missed some additional explanation to the art pieces. On the ground floor there is also a café and an amazing bookshop with book stacks everywhere and if you are lucky you can find a book in your own language there.

Visit for free on: Thursday

10. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Museum:

A rather small but interesting museum in the house Curie was born in near the old town. The rooms depict her biography, family history and achievements. You will see a recreation of a laboratory the first female nobel prize winner and her husband were experimenting in. You will learn about the discovery of radioactivity and right now there is an interesting temporary exhibition about woman nominated or winning the nobel prize.

Visit for free on: Tuesday

11. Wilanow Palace and Museum of Kind Jan the Third:

Only the Palace from the outside and the garden with light shows in winter are enough to pay a visit to the Wilanow district. But also the inside of the Palace is worth a visit, especially if you are interested in the royal history and life of King Jan third. You can visit many rooms with Chinese ornaments, marmor statues, old furniture and painting. If you are lucky you can see restoration works in real time. You will go through the royal dinning room, bedroom, hunting chamber and library.

Visit for free on: Thursday