About us

Welcome on the website of European volunteering of the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation!

European volunteering fits perfectly into the European mission of our Foundation, which is to motivate Polish and European citizens to active civic participation and to promote the European integration and foster the values on which it is based.

We are an energetic team with extensive experience in organizing European volunteering opportunities. We host volunteers at our office, send Poles abroad and coordinate volunteers from abroad in 9 different organizations in Poland.  We like what we do and we want to spread positive energy and European spirit  among young people. With us, you have the chance to change Europe and yourself!

We have been involved in European volunteering since 2001. We started with Youth in Action, later on we managed European Voluntary Service (EVS) and volunteering projects in Erasmus+, and now we are continuing this great journey in European Solidarity Corps.

At the moment we are coordinating a volunteering partnership “Schuman Volunteers” in which volunteers will be engaged in activities in Poland.

We implement our volunteering projects in Poland in partnership with 9 great hosting organizations – formal and non-formal education institutions dealing with European, special and integrative education: Special Kindergarten 393 in Warsaw, Special Kindergarten 213 in Warsaw, Kindergarten 245 for visually Impaired children, European Integration Club in the Complex of School in Wojkowice, Kindergarten No. 146 in Warsaw, 35th Bolesław Prus High School in Warsaw, Association of Developing Children’s Activity “Chance” and Bilingual Primary School no 1 in Wesoła.

What do volunteers do in these organizations? Volunteers hosted at our office release their creativity by preparing and conducting  their own workshops for students throughout Poland, help the team in ongoing projects and promote volunteering. Volunteers at the European Integration Club in Wojkowice and 35th Bolesław Prus High School in Warsaw also promote the idea of ​​volunteering and organize non-formal learning of English/native language by conducting language tandems, talking with students on selected European topics. In each special kindergarten – 213, 245 and 393 – volunteers learn how to work with children with disabilities, acquire professional knowledge and skills, help teachers in their daily routine and paint smiles on children’s faces. They also prepare various activities related to the culture of their country of origin or their interests. The same in kindergarten 146, in which, in addition to supplementing the kindergarten’s offer with intercultural elements, volunteers will learn about different diets provided to children because of their nutritional needs. If someone wants to work closely with the citizens of Warsaw, “Chance” is the perfect place for that. Volunteers organize classes and workshops for the local community of Ochota district – children, adults and seniors. In the Primary Bilingual School volunteers organize activities in the day rooms and after classes activities.

To integrate the group of Schuman Volunteers and increase the project’s scope, for and with all of them we organize also common activities.