Museums in Warsaw (Part 1)

There are many museums for every taste, many even for free on special days in the week.

1. Polin – Museum of the History of Polish Jews:

We visited the museum in our very first week in Poland and I would definitely recommend it to everyone coming to Warsaw. The exhibition starts with Jewish life in the Middle Ages and how Jews came to Europe and especially to Poland. Many informative descriptions cover every century, depict Jewish lifestyle and the rights they had at that time. Especially the 20th century and the crimes against Jewish population are explained in detail. You have to keep in mind that this museum is so big, you probably won´t be able to read through everything. Maybe you have the chance to go there several times or pick the most interesting topics for you. The museum is also quite interactive and will not get boring.

Visit for free on: Thursday

2. Katyn – Museum:

Located in the Warsaw Citadel is a memorial to thousands of Polish officers killed by the Soviets in the Russian forest of Katyn. It is interesting to read about an historical event, that you may have not heard about before. Especially a large collection of remnants of the victims of that massacre is impressive. You should be aware that the texts and descriptions in the museum are in Polish, but there is an English audio guide to be purchased.

Visit for free on: Wednesday – Sunday

3. Money Center:

If you are interested in the history of money, this is a must-see. The museum is in the centrum and right next to the polish national bank. You will get an entrance ticket that looks like a credit card and then you can explore a large collection of coins, learn about the start of money and historical moments of inflation. You can see a literal money-rain, print a financial document with you name on and touch an actual gold barren. Even if you don´t want to learn about history, it is an entertaining visit.

Visit for free on: Tuesday – Sunday

4. Palace on the Isle and Old Orangery in Lazienki Park:

You can pay a visit to the Lazienki Park on its own, but you can also enter the Palace over the Lake and wonder around in the rooms from the 17th century. You will have a look on the lake from the windows inside, see many paintings and sculptures as well as a big hall, where piano concerts are being held. Just a few minutes away you will find the Old Orangery, where you can see a sculpture exhibition. It starts with busts made of marble and continues with whole body sculptures of Greek gods. In the main hall, which is beautifully lit and painted, you can also have a look into an old theatre. Upstairs there are also more modern statues collected in rooms with different topics, like family, women and children. Definitely worth a visit, especially if it gets dark and you can´t see the park anymore.

Visit for free on: Friday

5. Museum of Warsaw:

Right at the Old Town market square is one of my favorite museums in Warsaw. Inside there are many different floors to discover and exhibitions can change over time. In the beginning you will learn some statistics and facts about Warsaw (it´s more interesting than it sounds, I promise), then you go on to see remnants from the original Old Town before the destruction the second World War.

If you go upstairs you can see photos from the 80s and 90s and compare it with today´s Warsaw. There are historical painting of the city and rooms dedicated to the World Wars, as well as historical clothing and furniture. In the Warsaw Museum there is a lot to see and read so you may have to restrict yourself to some rooms, but you should go to the top floor (only if you do not suffer from fear of heights) to see a view over the market square and the city. So if you enjoy Warsaw, go there to learn more and maybe spend some time in the lovely museum cafe.

Visit for free on: Thursday

This is it for now, but there are still many more museums to explore.

Best wishes and have fun in the museums ?