Love letters: introductive post

Hi, I’m Liz, from France, first blog post ever, I’ll be writing from the general account, nice to meet you! Not gonna lie, this title seems wayyy more organised that I actually am, and there’s a possibility that I won’t make till the end of my idea, but here goes nothing! Let’s this as my new little challenge.

Some time ago in Gocław flat, (that’s where I live) we created some kind of a “Scrabble of feelings” on the wall, describing the feelings we went thought while doing our volunteering. We decided to write in bigger letters the feelings we were feeling the most, and in smaller letters the other ones (shoutout to Khatia for this amazing idea). Now you may think, “why tf is this stranger talking to me about the decoration in her flat?”, and rightfully so. Well that is because (as cheesy/bubblegum and rainbows as it will sound) the word that dominates the most in this Scrabble of feelings, is love (it’s still under construction by the way). We were feeling so loved during this experience (attached a picture of this “Scrabble of feelings” because I’m a good blogger).

So one thing leading to another, here I am now, writing a few love letters to the things and the people that mattered the most while I was living in Warsaw (probably along with few advice and pro tips), because I felt loved, but I, also, loved a lot. Now that my project is coming to an end, I want to show how thankful I am for all of this.

Blog post 1: A love letter to Warsaw

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See you soon!