Gocław flat

I will talk about my favourite flat – Gocław flat in this blog and hope that it will be useful for future residents.

I think this flat has the most convincing location, its only 20- 25 minutes away from city center by bus and worth mentioning, that there are lots of bus stops around the flat, so you will never have a problem with accessing any part of city any time of the day.
About the flat itself, at very first look, you will notice that few things are old in the flat (carpet, curtains and etc) but you will also see that it’s quite big flat, with big living room, nice big balcony, 2 bathrooms, really big kitchen and 3 bedrooms. Bedrooms aren’t too big, but they are enough for 2 people. Kitchen is fully equipped: fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave and etc.
I’ve been to other flats, but I always prefered our flat, cause it’s somehow very comfortable and cozy. Everyone likes to sit in the living room,even if we aren’t talking with each other, we are always there. When we arrived, one of the walls in the living room was decorated with postcards and bets.

For Dennis’s birthday we put “happy birthday” on the wall, but after some time word “birthday” fell and “happy” was left alone for some weeks. We thought it was a sign and decided to put more feelings on the wall. Now you can see all the feelings that we felt during this project on the wall. (P.S. You can add more later)

Now I want to give you some tips about nearby places :


The cheapest shop nearby is Biedronka, which has lower prices and the quality of vegetables/ fruits are okay. If you are meatlover, they also have nice meat with nice prices and discounts, so I recommend to go there. They also have good discounts every day on different products, you only need to download Biedronka app, register and you will get Biedronka online card, which you can use for discounts . It’s really something at the end of month.

You can walk to Biedronka that is closer to the flat or take bus from bus stop Osiedle Wilga 02 to the other Biedronka close to the Lake and come back with bus too. It’s convincing if you have to buy lots of stuff, cause it’s hard to walk a lot with bags.


This shop has good quality of products, it can be a bit expensive than Biedronka, but still cheap supermarket chain in Poland, and not only.

They also have mobile app and you can use discounts there too, some vouchers .

To access Lidl, I recommend you to take bus 151 from Rechniewskiego or walk for 15minutes and come back with bus.
You can also walk to Lidl that is behind Atrium Promenada, but keep in mind, that you have to cross the bridge and walk all the way back with bags.


There is quite big carrefour in the shopping mall „Atrium Promenada” , that has more expensive prices than other shops, but wide choice of products from different countries.

NOTE: Shops aren’t open on Sundays, but during workdays they work until 11. Only Carrefour works until 10PM.


If you like Italian cuisine, there is nice Italian restaurant next to our flat „Mille Luci”, for pizza you can go to Domino’s pizza as well, that is exactly in front of flat.

For burgers and sandwiches you can visit  „7 Street – Bar & Grill”  next to our flat.

There are lot’s of restaurants and cafes in Atrium Promenada shopping mall, that work until 9-10PM


If you have free time and you are lazy to go to city center, you can just enjoy Gocław surroundings.

My fav destination is Balaton Lake. Yea, I know… I know.. I prefer Balaton Lake in Hungary, but there is small lake 10 mins away from Goclaw flat and it’s nice place to walk, jog, chill and enjoy your free time . There is second lake “Jezioro Gocławskie” close to our flat, you just need to take bus for few stops and you are there.
Me and my flatmates went there often for a walk and even for small “picnic” and sunbathing in Summer.

Promenada shopping mall is also nice place to have fun, if you like movies, there is Cinema. If you like shopping, there are also lots of shops that you should check out.

I think that’s all for now. I hope you will enjoy your stay and this blog will be useful for future volunteers.

xoxo, Khatia