Volim te

Hey there!

I haven’t written to you for a while now. I know I’ve promised, I’m sorry, and to be honest, I was thinking that I would not write to you yet, but I got inspired watching a video on YouTube. If you’re asking who still does that, well me being bored at 11 pm and also not tired enough to go to sleep. Sounds relatable?

Well, I was about to ask you, when was the last time you told someone, you love them? Only three words (in Serbian 2: Volim te) but so hard to say out loud. Sometimes we are not even aware that we love someone/something. We think that that feeling has to be super strong to feel it, not even realising how you can love small things, small actions and a simple day.

So far, I’ve been living in Poland for 7 months now, and I think I never said this before, but I love you Poland for showing me new things. I love you Poland for giving me an opportunity to meet new people. I love you Poland for making me grow, for teaching me new things, for reminding me of how grateful I am for every person in my life, for my family and for things I thought I would never do (no drugs lol).

I love you sun even tho I can barely see you here, so I’ve learned to appreciate you even more. I love you neighbour for waking me up every morning with construction works, I’ve learned that I have a new feeling called – hatred he he jk. I love you Biedronka for all the soup I bought there because I’m too lazy to make it on my own. I love you Bedzin castle for being the only thing we can tell people why is worthy to visit Bedzin hehe. I love you 817 because you are the only bus that takes 30 min to get me to Katowice.

I love you food, I love you beach, I love you a sunset, I love you my friends, I love you Schuman, I love you mom, I love you dad, I love you Carolina, I love you mi amor and I love you, you sad, happy face writing this!

This is just a reminder for everyone, but especially me to see how many things I love and that It’s not just a feeling, it’s a need. Also, a reminder for myself to write to you more often ups.

I love you Schumanblog <3