What do you gain by volunteering?

At the end of August, Alice and Jana, Erasmus + volunteers who were part of our Foundation’s team finished their volunteering. During this time, they conducted 93 workshops at schools throughout Poland with about 1,800 students, promoted European volunteering at universities, mass events, including Schuman Ville and Open’er, and supported our projects.

For us, girls’ work is invaluable, and what does it mean to them? Read Alice’s blog about volunteering: https://erasmus.schuman.pl/en/erasmus-blogi/volunteers-in-poland-wolontariusz-w-polsce/alice-perier/4681-11-points-of- 11 months 

PS. Alice and Jana were our last volunteers under Erasmus + program, from now on volunteers will come to Poland as part of the European Solidarity Corps.